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Company registration and VAT registration in Ruse, as well as accounting and advertising services, tax services and salaries, are the reason for you to visit our office in Bulgaria.

After your work is done, you might get to know the city by visiting plenty of its interesting landmarks.

Ruse was founded as an ancient settlement 23 centuries ago.

In the old times, here was the ancient roman fortress called Sexaginta Prista. The city attained significant territorial importance after the migration of the population of the town of Cherven that was ravaged by the Ottoman invasion in the Middle Ages. Over the centuries, the city has had a constant development, and its importance has grown.

In modern times, Ruse became widely known by the name of The Little Vienna because of the architecture in the center of the city, quite similar to the one in the Austrian capital.

During the beginning of Bulgaria’s industrialization in the late 19th and in the beginning of the 20th century, Ruse was the first city innovations were implemented in. At that time, a high overall progress was accomplished in various fields, which is why the Danubian city was nominated for capital of Bulgaria. However, for military/strategic reasons, Sofia was elected, which is still the capital of the Bulgarian state nowadays.

Today, Ruse is the biggest city by population and the most important Bulgarian industrial center situated along the Danube River. The road distance to Bucharest is 75 km and to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, it is 310 km. It is an administrative center of a wide area, which is why the most important state institutions and banks have their offices here, and also there are elementary, secondary and higher education schools.

Important state institutions in Ruse

The Trade Register is the most important state institution because Bulgarian companies are registered there. Next comes the Tax Office where VAT registration is carried out and various taxes are paid. If there are any social security relations in the company, related to the management, workers or private contracts, there is a National Social Security Institute office in the city. The Labor Inspectorate deals with relations connected with workers’ labor contracts. You can avoid visiting any state institution by issuing a power of attorney.

Ruse – interesting historical and architectural sites

The most important architectural sights of the city are the Dohodno Zdanie building and the monument built on the occasion of the liberation from Ottoman rule called The Statue of Liberty. Other landmarks are the Sexaginta Prista Fortress, the Regional History Museum, the Ecomuseum, etc. The surroundings of the city offer interesting opportunities for tourism, with numerous sights along the Rusenski Lom River.

Photos of Ruse Bulgaria


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