Accounting services and company registration in Ruse, Bulgaria. Professional services for foreign persons having Bulgarian companies.

Evristika Ltd is a company that has been established in 2006.

The main goal of Evristika Ltd, Ruse, Bulgaria, is to ensure long-term, stable and rising business development of its clients. In view of the realisation of this goal we offer a range of services in the following fields:

A short presentation of services often used by our customers:

Company registration
Company registration is carried out at the Trade Register in the city of Ruse, Bulgaria. The most popular one for a foreigner is the registration of an EOOD [Sole Owner Ltd.], where he/she could manage the company as a sole owner. The company registration procedure is characterized by promptness, low costs and quick results. The accounting services for the registered company are of good quality and accessible price.

Accounting services
The accounting services are professionally oriented. This means that the specialist drawing up the annual financial reports has a certificate of professionalism and ethics issued by the Professional Accountants Institute in Bulgaria. The specialist drawing up the financial reports exercises full control over the accounting services. The international accounting standards are applied.

Tax relief and reduction
The most appropriate measures are applied for reducing the tax burden as much as possible. For natural and juridical persons. Where necessary, accountancy is kept.

VAT Registration
VAT Registration in Bulgaria is the first task, right after company registration. Without VAT registration, foreigner’s company won’t be able to benefit from the favorable tax regimes in the EU member countries. VAT Registration is included in the accounting services and is carried out at the Ruse Tax Office.

Company seal and logo
The company seal and logo are made until the VAT registration is completed. The logo is made by a professional designer.

Working based on an employment contract is facilitated for EU citizens. This means that every EU citizen can start working immediately in Bulgaria. Insurance and taxes are favorable, costs are low, and registration is fast and easy.

Company closure, liquidation
After fulfilling its purpose, the company should be closed. A company that is left unclosed brings risks. It is possible that the manager owe compensations to the company for damages caused to the latter. This may be brought about by circumstances he/she is not acquainted with, since he/she has abandoned his/her company without closing it. Company closure is carried out at the Trade Register, Ruse.

The integration of Bulgaria into the European Union is the integration of Bulgarian business into the world economics. This process is by itself quite complex and often connected to unexpected complications. We can help for their resolution and for the adaption of your business to the new requirements. This often involves specific solutions which are not related to accounting services. By offering a wide range of non-accounting services, we can fully meet the requirements for take-off of your business.

Our readiness to solve every problem regardless of its complexity, the use of 100% of our professional expertise with no compromise for the benefit of the client, and the use of thought and imagination even where this looks impossible – these are our priorities.

In pursuing that main goal of ours, we will also help you save enough financial resources which you can further invest where you like.

Besides benefiting from reduced prices in case of complete servicing, you will also save a lot of time otherwise spent for visiting different institutions. Thus you can concentrate on your primary managing duties.

Evristika Ltd consists of a team of  ambitious experts with university degrees and over ten years of practical experience, who are ready to assist you in achieving even better business results.

We at Evristika Ltd, we have capability and experience to ensure a successful business development of our clients. We offer quality services to support your business. EvristikaLtd is your reliable and trusted business partner!

Evristika Ltd, Ruse, Bulgaria – accounting services, labor and social security services, administrative and legal services, advertising design.


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