Company registration in Ruse, Bulgaria

Ruse Bulgaria,Company RegistrationCompany registration in Ruse is done at the Trade Register of the Registration Agency. It is a simple procedure performed in just a few days at a low price. We register companies in Ruse at full capacity, Sole-owner Ltd companies (EOOD) and all the rest.

Company registration in Bulgaria by a lawyer
We offer our assistance for obtaining a legally valid registration. This means service provided by a lawyer, in conformity with the customer’s future business intentions, his/her advantages and benefits, which is done at a price that is reasonable for both parties. Many accounting companies offer such registration but they don’t have the necessary juridical competence to perform this service.

The gratuitous registration service deviates from the tax law
Many accounting companies offer such a service. Some of them only offer it to customer companies that are owned by Bulgarian citizens. When this service is free of charge, it violates the Bulgarian Tax Law, and its price is determined based on the market situation and is subject to taxation.

Ltd registration is the most popular one
Ltd,EOOD, comes into being once it is registered with the Trade Register, and until this registration, the founder may renounce its intention to incorporate the company and cancel the memorandum of association. Within the period between constitution and registration, the so called preliminary company exists that will assume all rights and obligations after the incorporation of the company. If within this intermediate period the founder cancels the memorandum, he/she shall be responsible personally and unrestrictedly thereof. Company founders should be sui juris Bulgarian or foreign natural or juridical persons, each person being able to participate in more than one company, as long as the law does not prohibit it.

Sole Trader [ET] company hasn’t lost its popularity for starting small projects
A Sole Trader can be any sui juris natural person having its permanent residence in Bulgaria, i.e. such trader may be any Bulgarian or foreign citizen, regardless of whether his/her residence is in Ruse, Bulgaria or anywhere else. If said small projects presuppose accumulation of considerable liabilities, over a relatively long period, it is preferable to opt for EOOD registration, for example, instead of ET.

What is a firm?
Firm – it actually is the name of the trader, it should correspond to the truth, not be misleading or contrary to the public order and morals.
The firm shall obligatorily be written in Bulgarian language, and additionally it may also be written in a foreign language. The name of the company shall be nationally unique. The seat of the trader is the inhabited locality of its objects’ management, where the company also has its address.

What objects shall you enter upon company registration in Ruse, Bulgaria?
The trader can have various objects, as long as they don’t contradict the legal requirements.

What is a company identification number?
The Registration Agency, upon initial registration with the Trade Register, assigns a unified identification code to the trader, which is called “ЕИК” and it remains unchanged until the latter’s striking off.

How do we contribute to service performance?
Evristika EOOD offers full assistance, in cooperation with a lawyer, regarding the procedure for registering a trader (company) at the Trade Register within the shortest time possible, delivering, immediately after registration, a current status certificate for the registered company as well as a company seal. In addition, you can place an order for the elaboration of the company image, e.g. advertisement and design services. Immediately after the registration of the company, we can proceed to registering the company for VAT purposes in Ruse, Bulgaria.

After sending your inquiry from here, within a short time you will receive specific information for the registration procedure, such as the price for the service, including Trade Register charges, bank and notarial charges.

We offer our advice, clarifying taxation methods, helping you choose between the two social security options for company managers who are foreign citizens.

We make it easier for you to choose the bank for the company incorporation account. If asked, we will also offer our advice for choosing the bank for the current account, because it is not always appropriate to have both types of accounts at the same bank. We draw up an action plan whereby you can follow clearly every step of the company registration procedure. Inquiries outside the city of Ruse, Bulgaria, shall be processed immediately and there will actually be no difference between their effectuation and that of the ones received from Ruse.

In case we sign a contract for accounting services and draw up the regulations regarding the circulation of the documents, the preferential price period will be extended. In such a case, the charge for the service paid for the company registration in Ruse, Bulgaria, will take part in the price formation for accounting services.

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