Invoice requirements

Requirements to the invoices – BG VALUE ADDED TAX ACT,amend. SG. 1/3 Jan 2014 Art. 114. (1) The invoice shall obligatorily contain: 1. name of the document; 2. successive ten digit number, containing Arabic figures only, based on one or …

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List of registered agents Bulgaria – part 2

List of registered agents, under the procedure of Art.7, para.1 of Ordinance № Н-10/24.08.2006 for reimbursement of value added tax legally charged to foreign persons who are not settled on the territory of the Community and are settled in third …

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List of registered agents Bulgaria

List of registered agents, under the procedure of Art.9, para.1 of Ordinance № Н-12/24.08.2006 of the Ministry of Finance for reimbursing value added tax charged and paid to foreign individuals for goods purchased by them and exported from the territory …

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(BG) Ликвидация, закриване, заличаване на фирма

Goods and documents

Documents Certifying Intra-Community Supply of Goods (Article 45 – Regulations for Application of the Value Added Tax Act) For the purposes of proving an intra-Community supply of goods, the supplier shall have the following documents: 1. A document on the …

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Accounting firms, kidnappers of content

Why you need an accountant?

Types of documents for accountancies import and export

Information for place taxes

What are needed documents and deadlines for placing tax declarations in local taxes law and fares ? Ruse municipality circulates local tax directorates and fees following booklet where circumstances are identified and deadlines for placing relevant record.

Tax advice


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