Types of tax-related services in Ruse, Bulgaria

Bulgaria,Types of tax-related services in RuseEvristika EOOD, Ruse, Bulgaria provides consulting in the field of tax-related services.

The consultations are provided in relation to taxes collected by the state government, taxes collected by the municipalities and taxes determined on the basis of international treaties for avoidance of double taxation.

In addition to tax-related consulting, Evristika EOOD performs one-time and subscription-based accounting services. The correct calculation of a lot of taxes depends on the precise accountability.

It is easiest to identify tax services according to the respective tax subject of the consultation.

Tax-related services according to the type of tax

1. According to taxes collected by the state

1.1. Direct taxes collected by the state

- corporate tax

- withholding tax – on dividend and others

- natural persons’ income tax

- tax on expenses

- tax on gambling activities

- tax on the revenues of budget enterprises

- tax on the activity from ship operation

1.2. Indirect taxes collected by the state

- VAT (value added tax)

- excise taxes

- tax on insurance premiums

2. According to taxes collected by municipalities

- taxes on real estates, inheritances, donations, paid acquisition of property and on vehicles

- patent tax

- tourist tax

- other taxes determined by law

Tax-related services according to Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA)

The taxes determined on the basis of international treaties for the avoidance of double taxation (DTAA) are applied in accordance with the respective agreement although there are certain principles generally applicable for all such agreements. These agreements apply in relation to persons who for the purposes of taxation are residents of one or both countries – parties to the agreement.

Role of Evristika EOOD in tax-related services

Companies with foreign capital select Bulgaria because of the fast procedure of a business company registration, the quality of accounting and tax-related servicing, low taxation levels and easy administration. In order for them to profit from their activity, they need the relevant consultant to do their best and get the most benefits from the application of the law.

Whether Evristika EOOD, Ruse, Bulgaria would be beneficial for you would depend on your level of cooperation. Evristika EOOD guarantees high results only in case of bilateral performance of the commitments.

Our pleased customers are our high attestation and they give us the confidence that our tax-related ideas are finding their correct application in our practice.

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